What is Zipline?

Zipline is an app that was built to support the interconnectedness of today's most valuable social marketing strategies so that social selling is made simple & e-commerce gets easier for everyone.

When brands and influencers work together, the influencer is sent the product and creates a video featuring it, which is then shared across their various social platforms. The video then acts as an e-commerce store for the product so consumers can make a purchase, which are tracked for brands to see their campaign results.

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Can I Use This for Political Campaigns?

100%. Zipline has the ability to collect the required FEC data and provide content vetting to prevent content trolls. 

1776 Consulting will then connect to your compliance solution and send orders to your fulfillment partner or handle fulfillment in-house. 


Zipline and 1776 Consulting have partnered to streamline the integration & fulfillment process. Zipline handles the tech platform and 1776 Consulting streamlines the process. 1776 processes your data and can even handle the entire product development & fulfillment process. 

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