Are you shocked each month when you see how much it costs to ship your stuff? Yea, we know the feeling. Every day it seems that a new article or study comes out telling us how much eCommerce is growing or that shipping & logistics are becoming more important than ever. 

With an expanded eCommerce & logistics footprint, companies are spending more than ever to get ship done. 

In this day and age of technology & advancement, why are many companies still operating the way of the 90s when it comes to their logistics? The reason is that it is kindof working for them and it is too complicated to change. We hate that answer, but more many companies, it is the truth. 

1776 Consulting is different. We cut our teeth in the political world where things are done differently. Campaigns only have one limited asset, time. Campaigns can always ask for more money. They can not buy any more time. Political logistics are unlike anything else in the logistical space.

They say that Presidential campaigns are fortune 500s, run by 20-somethings, designed to go bankrupt in 90 days. The needs of a political campaign are fast-paced, non-negotiable, and need innovative strategies. 

Members of our staff have worked on over 110 political campaigns. Those lessons have been invaluable in providing a new perspective for our non-political teammates. 

One of our most exciting innovations is Domestic Consolidation. Many of our political clients are state-wide candidates. They have a pile of orders going to one single state and very few going to other regions of the country. 1776 Consulting developed a program where we are able to save clients up to 48% on their shipping costs by batch shipping their orders. We don't want to give away our secret sauce, but if you are shipping a decent volume to a single, or multiple, geographic areas, we have a way to save you some money.

Also, did we mention that we have same-day delivery in Hawaii? Yea, that was a fun business trip.  

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