1776 Consulting is a full-service logistics & merchandising firm. We work with innovative and forward thinking clients to find solutions to some of their most expensive problems.

Unlike other agencies and management companies out there, we can handle it all, or just a piece of your logistics or branding project.

Do you want to produce and sell custom mugs at three stores in the Orlando area? We will find a manufacturer, deal with inbound & supply chain logistics, set up an online store for you, fulfill the orders, promote the product via email, sms, social media, & advertising, handle customer service, and also provide reports on sales trends and develop sales forecasts.

If you know anyone else willing, or crazy, enough to provide a client with a turn-key solution as extensive as ours, please let us know. We want to set up a cage match and fight it out for your business. Thunderdome anyone?

In all seriousness, 1776 Consulting is a new type of consulting firm. We think outside of the box and aren't afraid of work.

Looking to develop a custom clothing line? Yep, we can do that.

Looking to promote your brand by flying it to the edge of the atmosphere and then blowing up social media? Yep, we can do that. 

Need one or even 10,000 orders fulfilled within 24 hours. Yep, we can and have done that.

Are your shipping costs out of control? We can help with that. Have you heard of domestic consolidation? We invented it.

Need a store for your non-profit or political campaign? Yea, that is how we started.

Need 25,000 custom yard signs within the next 5 days? We can do that. It costs extra, but we can and have gotten it done.

If you have ever said, "This may be a crazy idea.." or "Is this possible?", we would love to talk. Even if you haven't but want to, maybe, someday say that we want to talk.

Want to develop a custom clothing line and need everything done? Yep, we do that as well.

1776 Consulting is a turnkey full-service firm. We handle the complicated stuff so our clients can focus on being awesome, and think of more crazy complicated ideas for us to handle.

Want to reach out? Use the nifty form below and we'll be in touch.