A well-managed logistics chain can either make, or break, a business' bottom line. 

As fast as the world is progressing, if logistic pipelines are not continuously adjusted and improved, costs will rise well beyond the allocated budget or the pipeline will fail. 


1776 Consulting provides full-service logistics consulting. We don't look at the world through 90s glasses, even though 90s glasses sound really cool. We continuously innovate through the use of technology, creative transport combinations, and a wide range of options. 

If a container needs to go from Tiawan to North Carolina then get broken down and go to Kansas, sea & truck is what most firms will give to you. We will quote that route, but also look into intermodal & some other, more innovative options. Did you really think we would put our secret sauce out in the open for our competition to copy? 

In addition to B2B logistics, we also handle small parcel fulfillment & shipping. We apply the same innovative tactics to our small scale shipments as we do the container loads. Head over to our shipping page to learn more. 

If you are interested in how we can save you money on your logistics pipeline, reach out below and we can chat.