One Product Shipped = One Tree Planted

One Product Shipped = One Tree Planted

When I founded 1776 Consulting, I decided to be different. I did not want my firm to be just another shingle, but an organization that is always improving and looking for new ways to do good.

That is why, today, I am announcing the launch of One Product | One Tree, a program where 1776 Consulting will plant one tree for every product we ship in addition to significantly reducing the volume of non-renewable packaging materials we use.

When we ship products, we generate a large volume of greenhouse gasses, specifically Carbon Dioxide. With the technology of today, it is not possible to have both a pollution-free logistics pipeline, it is possible to reduce our impact and counteract the damage that we do cause.

Last year, 1776 Consulting produced over 8,500 tons of greenhouse gasses, enough to fill the Capitol Rotunda over 150 times or the Houston Astrodome 4 times. That is approximately the same amount that a town of 300+ people produces in a year.

Those numbers may seem high; however, our pollution footprint is insignificant when compared to the logistics industry as a whole. By planting one tree for every product we ship, we will create a long-term solution to the pollution problem. Each tree planted will clean up the carbon footprint of a single shipment in roughly 4 hours. The remainder of the tree's life will be spent cleaning up the impact of others.

Launching One Product | One Tree was not an easy decision. The cost to plant thousands of trees without increasing our billed costs was very difficult to accommodate. However, my team found a way to absorb the cost while also ensuring that we have a positive environmental impact.

Bentley Hensel
President & Founder
1776 Consulting